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Zac Efron

pic of the month

I love this photo because it shows a different side of Zac. The moustache really gives him an older and maturity look. It gives us a glimpse of what we can look forward to when he gets older and becomes father to my children. The background (sky and trees and mountain) is calm because of the nature. And his skin is clean and bright as ever. Even though he is not wearing much clothing (thank god) the mini headscarf wrapped around his head is very trending and hip and remind us how stylish he has.


by Christina Aquilera


If you wanna be with me,

Baby there's a price to pay,

I'm a genie in a bottle,

You gotta rub me the right way.



Tinder profile

Real life Persian Princess seeking a real guy who is trusting, healthy, and has his Canadian citizenship. Must enjoy authentic middle eastern cuisine, hypnotic dance moves, and little bit of fluff and scruff. No smoking, drinking, or drugging allowed! If my parents don’t like you chances are I will.


Want to take me out on a date? Contact my mother today for my details! Stay tuned for information about my upcoming tinder account.

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